People Redesigned Movie Posters Of The Best Picture Nominees For Them 2016 Academy Awards To Be 100% Literal

by 3 years ago


The 88th Academy Awards are just a few weeks away and all anyone seems to care about is if Sylvester Stallone will win for Best Supporting Actor.  Or maybe that is all I care about? Yeah…after a second of personal reflection it turns out that’s it. But hey, at least I care about them at all, right? Because if it weren’t for Sly, I wouldn’t really give a shit about the Academy Awards. I would reluctantly watch them, as I do every year, because watching shitty awards shows and reality TV is my comeuppance for making my wife watch hours upon hours of golf and football, mostly against her will.


Since the Internet is still the Internet, people decided to have a little fun at the expense of the movies that were nominated for Best Picture by redesigning their posters to be more factually correct. Enjoy.

The Big Short




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