Ricky Gervais Shared His Favorite Outtake Of All Time And I’ll Venmo You $10 If You Don’t Laugh

I think I have like $81 in checking so I’m not sure I can hold up my end of the Venmo deal, but I don’t feel that bad because if you didn’t at least snicker at this, you’re probably an asshole or a terrorist. In which case, I’d rather smear my dollars in dog shit, scatter them on the sidewalk, and watch suckers pick up shit dollars.

Gervais posted this video of Derek co-star David Earl struggling to get through his ridiculous line about buttholes winking at him to Facebook accompanied with the caption “favorite outtake of all time.” The ‘diseased badger’ line almost made me spit out my Bud Light*.

*Capri Sun

[h/t LADbible]

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