Samuel L. Jackson And Allison Williams Debating About Sex Scene Boners Is Quality Entertainment

YouTube - Watch What Happens Live

Who knew that watching Samuel L. Jackson and Allison Williams have a debate over sex scene boners would be so entertaining? Other than well, everyone, right?

Because that is exactly what happened when the two of them appeared on Watch What Happens Live thanks to a viewer who submitted the question, “What’s worse: When a guy gets a boner during a sex scene or when he doesn’t?”

Williams had a very interesting response, “We debate this a lot. Because it is flattering but upsetting when it happens, and it is also upsetting and unflattering when it doesn’t happen. So the best case scenario is kind of, like, a suggestion of excitement without the actual physical manifestation of it.”

To which Jackson replied, as only he can, “Oh, bullshit. Bullshit.”

“Dead serious,” replied Williams. “It is so awkward, trust me.”

Jackson then went on to explain what he does in that situation, “See, I always apologize first. I’ll say, ‘I’m sorry if I do and I’m sorry if I don’t.’”

After which Williams seemed satisfied with his answer.

Watch it all hilariously unfold below…

During another portion of the show, host Andy Cohen brought up some unflattering tweets that our now President Donald Trump directed towards Jackson awhile back.

“What was your reaction?” asked Cohen.

“I looked at my bank account and I laughed,” quipped Jackson.


Man, between this and Jennifer Lopez basically admitting to making a sex tape, I am going to have to start watching this show when it airs live.