Watch Samuel L. Jackson Refuse to Answer Question About N-Word Unless Interviewer Uses It

by 8 years ago

In an interview filmed a few weeks ago and just now discovered by the Internet, Jake Hamilton sat down with Samuel L. Jackson to talk about his role in “Django Unchained.” At the 13-minute mark (fast-forwarded up there already), Hamilton asks a reasonable question about the use of the n-word in the movie—if you've seen it, you're probably aware of the shocking number of times it's used. And Jackson, who was probably on his 15th interview of the day and bored to tears, decided to screw with Hamilton, telling him that he wouldn't answer the question unless (the very white) Hamilton said the full, un-euphemized word.

Hamilton handles it all pretty well, and he ultimately decides to not say the word. But the whole exchange is still awkward, strange and kind of terrifying. Can you imagine Jules Winnfield staring you down and yelling at you to say the world's most dangerous word?

[H/T: Reddit]

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