‘Scarface’ Is An Excellent Choice For An Elementary School Play

by 9 years ago

School plays generally suck, but this elementary school rendition of “Scarface” is a whole heaping pile of PG-13 awesomeness. The copious mound of pure Bolivian cocaine is substituted with a pile of popcorn and costumes are almost verbatim to the movie. The set even has a stuffed tiger similar to the one that roams Tony Monatana's compound. All the “F-Bombs” are replaced with a child-friendly “Fudge.” Despite the ridiculous shock value, the kid has Tony Monanta accent down pat. We're already thinking he might be a early front-runner for Bro of the Week. Thanks to embeddable video, we've also provided the same scene of Al Pacino loosing his shit in the 1983 movie for your comparison. Say hello to our awesome little friend after the jump.


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