Patrick Schwarzenegger Probably Had A Threesome With Miley Cyrus And Paris Hilton, Maybe

California v USC

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Patrick Schwarzenegger (Arnold and Maria Shriver’s son) may be well on his way to Bro King status if this new report of him watching his girlfriend Miley Cyrus full-on making out with Paris Hilton at a club then leaving with both of them on his arm is to be believed.

Our spy said: “[Miley and Patrick] got there around 4 a.m. and sat at a private table off to the side — but still definitely visible to everyone.” Then, “Miley and Paris were dancing and had a whole bunch of people around them. Patrick was sitting on top of a banquette. He wasn’t participating, but watching and enjoying. Miley sat on his lap and Paris was sitting on the couch. Miley leaned down to kiss Paris.”

Our eagle-eyed observer continued: “All of a sudden, they just started making out, and Patrick was in the middle, cuddling them both. Paris had her arm around Patrick’s waist. Then they all walked out of the club together” at around 5 a.m.

Niiice… While it’s certainly no Leo DiCaprio move, it’s definitely a step in the right direction. Damn those Kennedys

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