Here’s A Pic Of Scott Disick Trying To Throw Up The ASU Pitchfork, But Throwing Up ‘The Shocker’ Instead

by 6 years ago
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This amazing picture of Scott Disick is circulating on my Facebook feed from a loyal BroBible reader/former ASU student. Apparently The Lord was in Tempe, Arizona to party with a bunch of ASU kids at El Hefe. He was loving every second of it too.

ASU being ASU, someone asked Disick to throw up an ASU Pitchfork for a pic, he threw up The Shocker instead. To be fair, it’s hard to rag on him for the mistake considering that the two hand gestures are pretty fucking similar. Still, Scott Disick doing The Shocker! A little bit more space between the index and middle finger next time, Scott.

What a Bro. All hail The Lord.



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