Seth Green Ate His Own Booger on ‘Conan.’ No, Seriously, He Did

by 4 years ago


He swiped it. He rolled it. He positioned it on his thumb like the expert he is. And then… HE ATE IT, all while trying to play it off like he was biting his nail. How he thought he’d get away with this, in the world we currently live in, is laughable. Naturally, this was spotted by someone on Reddit. Those fuckers have eyes like hawks.

Picking your boogs and chowin’ down on them is disgusting — Do you hear that, Seth Green? IT’S DISGUSTING — but I don’t know if it’s worse than plastering them about town, smearing them wherever your heart desires for others to encounter. I just don’t know. Both are fucking gross, though. That’s for sure.

What I do know is, his pick and roll (and eat) goes down from :05 – :13 mark of the video. Enjoy.

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[H/T Reddit]


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