Bro Makes Incredible Shot-For-Shot Parody Of The Apollo Creed Training Montage In ‘Rocky 3’

In less than two weeks, Creed, the story about Apollo Creed’s son Adonis Creed hits theaters. In honor of that, YouTuber KRISisSKETCH decided to make a shot-for-shot remake of, arguably, the most famous scene in Rocky 3. You know the one. It begins with Rocky Balboa being an inferior athlete to Apollo Creed and it ends with one of the most homoerotic moments in cinematic history. Just two grown men, in the shortest shorts humanly possible, embracing in the ocean for longer than is necessary.

I mean, who the hell celebrates like that? You won a meaningless footrace, not the fucking Mega Millions jackpot. Get a hold of yourselves for Christ’s sake.

Just to compare how accurate the remake is, here is the original.

Goddamn. That embrace. It’s no wonder Balboa was willing to ruin his sweetass Boss sweatshirt when Apollo died in his arms.

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