White People Are Losing Their Shit In SNL’s Latest Skit On ‘The Day Beyoncé Turned Black’

by 2 years ago

This sketch hits the nail on the goddamn head. Racism in any form against anyone is absurd, and maybe that’s why folks across the board are reacting with such appreciation, positivity to SNL’s sardonically humorous take on African American-targeted racism. Suffice to say it’s awesome SNL was able to churn something out the laugh factory to dig on the fact that various folks out there found Beyonce’s new music video and Super Bowl performance offensive…

It’s kind of cool to see SNL take some chances with more risqué material, and in the name of putting forth ideas or offering social commentary on issues as deeply-seated as racism. Couldn’t come at a better time amidst all the #OscarsSoWhite bullshit.

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