SNL Mocks ‘Homeland,’ Mitt Romney Losing the Election, and Annoying Girls

by 6 years ago

Cold Open: Mitt Romney Boozes on a Balcony

Kinda weak, but let's face it: Jokes about Donald Trump being a racist will continue to be funny for the next few months.


Anne Hathaway nails it as crazy Carrie Mathison. Somewhere, Claire Danes is smiling. “Oh no, there goes the chin!” “She's having one of her jazz freakouts.”

“Mokiki: The Legend of the Sloppy Swish,”

A sketch about a really stupid dance created by a crazy person. Amusing, but also pretty stupid.

“Girlfriends Talk Show”

Jokes about girls making fun of their token fat friend a.k.a. D.U.F.F.


Do you really expect big things from Anne Hathaway's third SNL monologue? If so, we need to have a discussion about expectations.

Weekend Update: Drunk Uncle, Barack Obama, and Gay Couple from Maine

Political sketches! Talking politics with drunk family members: Always a good time.

“McDonald's Firing”

I guess we're still making fun of people who work at McDonalds? Didn't we graduated to making fun of Starbucks in, like, 2002?

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