SNL Actors Trolling The Shit Out Of Bernie Sanders Supporters At The DNC Just Made America Great Again

by 3 years ago

Partisanship aside, and regardless of your candidate leanings, we can all agree that it’s EXTREMELY easy to troll someone when they’re already in an agitated state (just like Bernie Sanders supporters over the past few months). And with the 2016 Democratic National Convention just wrapping up last night after Hillary accepting the nomination I now want to see a Par 2 video of the one above because it just means that Bernie Sanders’ minions are more fired up than ever before.

It was a hotly contested primary season between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, one marked with more Democratic Party scandals than any one person could ever keep track of, and a primary battle which most people thought heavily favored Hill Dawg and discriminated against Bernie Sanders. If you caught any of the DNC 2016 coverage from the past few days then you already know that the #NeverHillary supporters aren’t ready to roll over and accept her as Supreme Overlord of the Galaxy just yet, and they want the world to know that she’s not qualified to be President of the United States of America.

So obviously the DNC was the perfect setting for Saturday Night Live megastars Michael Che and Colin Jost to hit the street and troll everyone, and I’m glad they did because the world needs more content like this.

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(h/t TFM via SNL)

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