Someone Made A Video Pointing Out Everything Wrong With ‘Rocky IV,’ But There’s One MASSIVE Problem

And that massive problem is that there’s nothing wrong with it. NOTHING.

I mean, are you fucking kidding me with this shit? A movie that A) has Sly Stallone single-handedly ending the Cold War, B) a ROBOT BUTLER C) the greatest training montage in the history of history and D) owns this quote…

“Oh, Adrian. Adrian always tells the truth. No maybe I can’t win. Maybe the only thing I can do is just take everything he’s got. But to beat me he’s gonna have to kill me, and to kill me he’s gotta have the guts to stand in front of me, and to do that he’s gotta be willin to die himself. I don’t know if he’s ready to do that. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

… is top-to-bottom perfection. The kind of flawless perfection you don’t dare critique.

That’s right. I stand by that statement. So much so, in fact, that I would climb the highest peak in Russia just so I could stand atop that snow-capped mountain and scream FLAWLESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Truthfully, this video could have been under ten seconds, because the only mistake in the movie was getting fake blood on that sweet Boss sweatshirt.


Rocky should have taken it off. Apollo was dead anyway. Not like it was urgent to hold his head. Can’t get your friend back, but you could wear that filthy sweatshirt again. Got to be mindful, you guys.

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