‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 5 episode 7 recap: Ladies Man

by 8 years ago
Sons Of Anarchy


We open up right where we left off last week, with Clay berating his guys about the way they cocked up the home invasions. Jax heads over to talk to Unser about what he knows, and he turns out to have been charting things out – you can take a cop out of the law, but you can’t take the law out of the cop. It all comes back to Clay, and he lets Jax know it. That didn’t take long! Unser goes to poke around the new guys while Jax hits the streets, first checking out Nero’s new whorehouse and then answering a call from Gemma.

Oh, Gemma. She took Joel McHale’s still-unnamed character to a motel last night and when she woke up he’d stolen her wallet and her car. Jax and SAMCRO track him down and find out that ripping off older women is kind of his thing, which doesn’t sit well with them. After a patented Sons of Anarchy car chase, they run him down, punch him around and leave him to walk away. I have a sneaking feeling that he’ll be back, otherwise that’s kind of a pointless cameo.

Back to Clay and his boys, things are getting rough. They know that Unser’s on to them, so they hatch a plan to go put him down. Permanently. Things get a little weird, though, as Clay pulls a double-cross on his own dudes, letting Unser shoot one and capping the other guy himself. So much for loyalty! He then convinces Unser to not tell anybody he was there. There’s still one left, though, and the boys set off to find him. Jax and Tara were supposed to spend the weekend in the cabin, and Gemma watches the kids.

Nero catches up to McHale’s character (can we give this dude a name, please) and administers a truly savage beating, just for the hell of it. Now what? Jax then heads off to accuse Clay of being behind the home invasions. He denies it, of course, trying to pin it on Pope, but Jax calls his bluff and tells him that Frankie, the missing man, will tell him the truth.

And then things get totally nutzoid in the last five minutes of the episode – Jax and Chibs are ambushed by a van with two guys shooting submachine guns at them, Jax gets shot in the leg, but they manage to kill one of the attackers and unmask him, revealing – some Black guy! And then we cut to Gemma driving the kids home and starting to swerve out of control, almost hitting a semi truck head-on before driving off the road and crashing, with the last thing we see an unmoving Abel and drops of blood. Oh, this ain’t good.

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