Some Genius Replaced Lightsaber Sounds With Owen Wilson Saying ‘Wow’ In This ‘Star Wars’ Fight Scene

Owen Wilson is known for two things: that crooked nose and his catchphrase of saying ‘wow’. Not too long ago I posted this video of a tortoise doing his Owen Wilson impression. It’s a side-by-side clip of the tortoise and Owen Wilson each saying ‘wow’. You can search YouTube for ‘Owen Wilson + Wow’ and you’ll find a few thousand clips. He’s really a one-trick pony.

Thankfully for us, some genius on the Internet found a new use for Owen Wilson’s catchphrase. They took a lightsaber fight scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith and replaced all of the lightsaber sounds with Owen Wilson saying ‘wow’. Unsurprisingly, this makes that dumpster fire of a battle scene infinitely better.

The video above was inspired by this tweet below from Josh Billinson who recently did the same thing:

Some days I love the Internet.

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