Susan Sarandon Thinks She Can Fix Porn, Is Planning On Getting Into The Game In Her 80s

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Susan Sarandon is 69-years-old, she’s an Academy Award winning actress, has three children (one of whom is also a successful actress, Eva Amurri), and she’s at the age where she’s contemplating retirement. However, instead of spending retirement on a beach in Florida like most people her age Susan Sarandon plans on completely overhauling the porn industry by directing female-friendly porn when she’s in her 80s.

Speaking at the Cannes Film Festival Susan opened up about her plans to get into the porn game, via Metro:

The 69-year-old actress claims she wants to direct porn from a female point of view when she retires from acting.
According to The Times, she said: ‘I have threatened in my eighties to direct porn. I haven’t watched enough to know what the problems are.
‘Most pornography is brutal and doesn’t look pleasurable from a female point of view. So I’ve been saying that when I no longer want to act, I want to do that.’
She said: ‘A lot of people know what’s in the middle. But what makes a sex act really interesting is how that first touch happens, how that first kiss comes, so in The Hunger Tony allowed me to come up with an idea about the T-shirt and then the kiss. Those moments need to be looked at.’

I think it’s great that a woman like Susan Sarandon wants to get into the porn business if for no other reason than it’ll bring more exposure to a taboo topic in America. However, I think this is also just another one of those situations where the Hollywood Elite have massive fucking egos (no pun intended) and think that they have the power to change anything they want in the world. Porn has been around longer than Mrs. Sarandon has been alive, I’m not sure why she thinks that she’s the chosen one who can just come alone and ‘fix’ the industry…I welcome her efforts to do so though.

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