Watch TJ Miller Go On A Tangent About Cuckhold Porn In This Glorious ‘Silicon Valley’ Outtake

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Silicon Valley is coming off a wildly successful third season, amassing an incredible 11 Emmy nominations and recently announcing it had renewed the series for a fourth season to air in 2017.

The shows main drag for many is TJ Miller’s character, Erlich Bachman–a fearless, industrious, ill-prepared, blowhard tech entrepreneur who seems like he’d be a blast to clear a bong with.

The scene above was cut from an episode early in season three after Richard was just axed as CEO of his own company and replaced with Jack Barker, a dad-like figure who Erlich Bachman skewers in a 4-minute improv outtake in the first episode of season three.

Bachman attempts to talk Richard out of leaving the company after being demoted by comparing his situation to cuckhold porn–which we can all agree is “a disturbing yet effective sub-genre of pornography.” Bachman likens Richard leaving the company to another dude boning his wife, in an oddly convincing argument that ultimately keeps Richard onboard.

I don’t know how this hilarious bit got cut from the final episode, but it’s not hard that hard to believe when you consider that Bachman is a treasure trove of hilarious tangents just like this.

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