Tom Hanks Cranks Out Serious Piss In A Lot Of His Movies And Here’s The Video To Prove It

by 4 years ago

tom hanks peeing movies

I, like many others who will watch this video, never realized how much Tom Hanks pees in his movies. My man’s got bladder problems and a urinary tract that’s seen more action than a California firefighter’s hose.

Here’s the description from Ranker:

“With a movie history that goes back to the 1980’s, who would think that Tom Hanks would have so many peeing scenes in his career? From the casual bathroom break, to the most hurried of bathroom emergencies, Tom Hanks has acted it, and has done a very… convincing job too. Who knows, maybe these scenes aren’t acting after all! Either way, Ranker was very surprised to find out that Tom Hanks can be found peeing in over 14 of his movies — So, join us as we take a PEE-k into the many bathroom scenes of Tom Hanks!”

Good Guy Tom Hanks is so beloved that he even makes urination look endearing. That’s mega-star status.

Tom keeps crushing life, he found and tried to return a student ID, wrote a letter to to the late Oakland Raiders QB Ken Stabler’s daughter, and did a spot-on Denzel Washington impression at the Golden Globes. New York Knicks fans chanted Hanks’ name during a game and he gets to play one of the most heroic pilots in American history, Sully Sullenberger. He’s making heroes even more likable!

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