The Trailer For ‘The Conjouring 2’ Will Give You The Worst Fear-Induced Poop Sweats Of Your Life

The original The Conjuring scored a solid 86% on Rotten Tomatoes and managed to bring in $137.4 million at the box office, and considering it was an R-rated horror movie that’s nothing to scoff at (for comparison, according to Box Office Mojo Saw II only grossed $87 million domestically, making it the highest-grossing film of the franchise). As with any movie sequel you expect a drop-off in quality, however this is still looking pretty legit – not only has James Wan returned, but two of the four original writers for The Conjuring are back as well.

As for whether or not The Conjuring 2 lives up to the big shoes its predecessor has left it to fill, we won’t know until June 10th…but if this trailer’s any indication of quality, it looks like we’re in for a real treat (I hope).

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