A Tribute to Erin Burnett, as She Signs Off as CNBC Anchor

by 9 years ago

Like a lot of Bros on Wall Street, “Squawk on the Street” is how I start my day each morning and even though her globetrotting has yielded plenty of “Erin's off reporting” days, I can't fathom what it will be like without her. She's beautiful, of course, but also smart, funny, and always fair. We instantly forgave her comments about the blown-call perfect game that led to Haines's now-infamous line about women running sports, because her sentiments were in the right place, as they always are. But what we'll miss most about Erin is her love of trivia. There wasn't a day that went by without her sharing a nugget of information or statistic that made you think about business and the world around us in a new or different way. She collected these kernels on her global travels (69 countries in total she proudly declared today) or in her conversations with business leaders or in the many articles and reports she read each day in preparation for her two shows. They were almost always fascinating and illuminating and made the whole two hours worth watching, even if the markets were off to a bad start. Here's hoping she takes that curiosity to CNN and that they don't squash it and the rest of her personality as the network has been known to do. I expect big things as Erin begins to cover the world beyond business, but like Mark, I'll miss her a lot.

Note: Erin still has her “Street Signs” show at 2 p.m. today, where we're guessing many of the network personalities will be there to give her a big send off with cake and the like. We'll update with that video when it gets posted.

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