Twitter is making reality shows

by 8 years ago
Reality TV


Because when two horrible things get together, they make things even more horrible. “How does Twitter make money” is a question I’ve been asking for what seems like a hundred years, and I’m no closer to an answer than I’ve ever been. But now CNet is reporting that the social network might be getting into… reality television?

News leaked today that the social network might be gearing up to create several original video series that will air on its Web site. According to Adweek, the company has been hobnobbing with Hollywood executives and producers tossing around the idea of running a series “similar to MTV reality shows,” such as The Real World and The Hills.

These shows will allegedly run in embedded video players on the Twitter website that you’ll access by clicking on a tweet. I’d guess that there’d be advertising attached in some way to the programming to monetize it. There’s no information available on the content of these programs, and whether they’ll be short or long, but let’s be frank: this is idiotic. Nobody is going to Twitter to watch videos. We already have Youtube for that. Twitter is for saying inappropriate things to celebrities and trying to get them to block you.

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