VIDEO: Guyism talks with Nick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson

by 9 years ago

One of the hottest shows on the planet right now is Parks and Recreation. And while that’s because it’s funny as hell, it’s also because of Nick Offerman, who plays current cult figure Ron Swanson.

Swanson loves breakfast foods and woodworking — as it turns out, so does Nick — and he’s got a slew of endearing qualities that endear him to fans of the show.

We wanted to find out how Nick ended up on the show, what it’s like working with his wife while she’s playing his wife on the show (Tammy 2), just how talented Michael Schur really is, and much woodworking he actually does in real life.

We also checked with him about a promotion he’s doing with Budweiser where they’re urging men to not shave so that way we can save five gallons of water instead of flushing it down the drain along with tiny little hairs every morning. (Seriously: save the planet and don’t shave. That sounds swell.)

And, of course, in advance of my impending nuptials, I had to ask both Ron AND Nick for some marital advice.


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