‘Videodrome’ remake is the worst remake ever

by 7 years ago


What’s an original idea? Did they have those in the 1970s? Hollywood: where if a movie isn’t about a toy line or a board game, it’s about a movie they already made. The latest disastrous announcement to come out of Tinseltown deals with one of the most classic and un-f-withable body horror movies of all time: David Croenenberg’s Videodrome.

Croenenberg’s 1983 flick was a flop when it was released, but it’s since become a huge cult classic, widely regarded as being incredibly prescient and influential on a whole generation of directors since then. James Woods stars as Max Wren, the owner of a local cable station in Toronto that features shocking and explicit material. He comes across a feed of what seems like real-life snuff footage from Malaysia called “Videodrome,” starts to air it, and soon his world completely falls apart at the seams.

The original movie is great. Almost flawless. Some may argue that the ending is a little bit weak, but Videodrome is such a pure injection of Croenenberg that attempting to return to it is a fool’s errand. Luckily, Universal Pictures seems to be run by fools these days. Not content after their prequel to The Thing flopped, they’re returning to the well and pushing forward Videodrome.

Deadline is reporting that the project has just signed a director, Adam Berg, who hasn’t made a feature film before. All of his previous work has been in commercials. Even worse, the screenwriter is Ehren Kruger, the man responsible for such masterpieces as Transformers: Dark Of The Moon and Scream 3. There’s no way in hell that this remake can do anything but suck.

When do you think studios will learn their lesson? The Thing didn’t work. Total Recall didn’t work. Leave the movies we loved in the past in the past and start making new movies that we love. It isn’t hard. Or at least it shouldn’t be. Here’s the original Videodrome trailer so you can see how good we used to have it.