Watching Nick Offerman Drink Whisky In Silence By A Fire For 45 Minutes Straight Is Oddly Great

by 3 years ago

Last December, I was lucky enough to crash a private scotch tasting with Nick Offerman, bearded Bro king and fellow-Carhartt loving woodworker. We were toasting Lagavulin, a smoky, peaty 16-year single malt from the Scottish island of Islay that’s absolutely delicious.

To celebrate all things that make you feel warm and toasty inside AND outside, Nick Offerman sat down by the yule log in the fireplace and sipped away at his beloved glass of Lagavulin. For 45 minutes. It’s oddly hypnotizing to watch Ron Swanson himself relax in his most natural habitat.

And while we’re at it, here’s the toast he gave at that dinner last year:

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