How Much Is Tony Stark’s Fictitious House from ‘Iron Man’ Worth?

Via Movoto:

Armed with both our fictional home’s square footage and a price, I slapped them together using a handy concept known as “multiplication” to come up with a price point of $117,250,000.

This buys you just the house, and doesn’t include the insane amount of gadgets Stark has threaded through the structure. In fact, if I added in J.A.R.V.I.S. —the artificial intelligence that runs the house—the price could easily increase by $150 million. My bet is it would be a lot more, as that price is how much it costs to develop current artificial intelligence programs like Siri—which are, obviously, far less advanced than Jarvis. But  this is moot since Stark would never leave Jarvis behind if he sold his pad.


They also created this nifty infographic breaking down the valuation: 

Tony Stark Mansion: Iron Man 3


The boxing gym alone is worth the cash: 

More pics from Phil Saunders: