Why the hell are there three Alice In Wonderland TV shows in development?

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Alice In Wonderland

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FAIRY TALES! Kids love them! They love the hell out of those stupid things! It seems like every day or so I do one of these “Hollywood is out of ideas” posts, inspired by the latest lame-ass thing the entertainment industry is throwing money at, but this one is really special. You know how movies and TV shows all sort of come in waves? Like there’s a popular thing (in this case, Once Upon A Time) and then everybody else tries to rip that off as fast as they can to get a little bit of the action? It’s happening again.

The property this time is old-time pedophile Lewis Carroll’s Alice In Wonderland, most recently seen as a horrific Tim Burton movie. There are a staggering three TV shows based on the public domain book in production right now. Let’s run them down.

The most recent announcement is from NBC, who has committed to a deal for Wonderland, a drama series. Deadline has the details on the project, which will be written by Whit Anderson (most recently attached to the new Buffy The Vampire Slayer movie). Set seven years after the book, it positions Alice as the new Queen of Wonderland and introduces a new protagonist, Clara, who must depose her.

That wouldn’t be so bad if the CW hadn’t already announced Wunderland (notice the U there), a “contemporary reimagining” of the novel produced by one-named schlockmaster The McG. More details are here, but the general gist is that Alice is a young female detective in Los Angeles who discovers a mysterious world underneath the city with rules of its own.

The third Alice out the gate belongs to Lionsgate, who bought the rights to a series of Wonderland graphic novels from Zenescope Entertainment. Screencrush has more on this one, which looks like the corniest of the three. The protagonist of this one is Alice’s daughter, who is… wait for it… a promiscuous party girl. These comics are notorious for “sexy” covers with the characters showing all kinds of titty, so this is a classy enterprise right here.

What do you think? Are any of these shows going to last a season? Or are networks just throwing money down the rabbit hole?

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