This Is The Worst Dialogue You’ll Ever Hear In An Adult Film

by 4 years ago

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Adult films are not necessarily known for their riveting dialogue, and I think that’s a shame. Maybe people don’t talk about the plot and dialogue in adult films simply because nobody has taken the time to write anything good for them to say! I kinda wanna go into screenwriting for porns. I feel like I could elevate the game.

Everyone probably makes fun of adult film stars for being idiots, but let’s get real, if most famous actors didn’t have some educated nerd writing their dialogue behind the scenes, they wouldn’t exactly be spewing Oscar gold either. You think if Tom Cruise was left to improv his lines in Mission Impossible it’d be anything short of horrifying?

Sometimes the dialogue is so bad that it’s good. I call that The Sharknado Effect. You get to a level of such awfulness that it comes full circle and becomes amazing because it’s fun to laugh at. The video below is a perfect example of that.

I’m imagining that these two actors haven’t gone through levels of improv training. They maybe completed 101 at UCB, but nobody’s going to start to actually get good until they’ve finished 201, at the very least.

I feel like to mess with them, the director told each of them something different about what this scene was supposed to be about. They got confused, and were basically like, “nobody’s watching this part anyway, let’s get to it.” Let’s watch the magic unfold as two adult film stars are left to improv the start of their scene.

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