‘Would You Rather’ With Lil Dicky — Here’s The Sex Act He’d Give Up Instead Of Eliminating Cheese From His Diet

by 11 months ago

A couple weeks ago I hopped on the phone with Lil Dicky, rap’s LD Davey Wavey, to talk about his new “Pillow Talk” campaign with Trojan Condoms. Dicky’s a big condom guy, waxing poetic about how cautious he is in the bedroom: “As a human being, there’s probably no more overly-cautious sexual person ever than me,” Dicky tells BroBible on the phone. “It’s not something I necessarily take pride in, but being sexually cautious is who I am.  I believe very strongly in what Trojan does, just on a personal level. If I didn’t have condoms, I’d be a paranoid mess.”

On the same phone call, I asked Dicky to play a game of Would You Rather based on some of the best-ranked Would You Rather questions on Reddit. Listen to the end for his answer to a question that stumps the masses: “Would you rather give up cheese or blowjobs?”

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Listen here:

And in case you missed “Pillow Talk” feat Brain, the hottest rapper in the game.

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