Yvonne Strahovski Stripped Down to Her Bra and Panties For Louis C.K. on ‘Louie’ (And Then Made Out With Him)


Hot hot hot hot hot. The idiosyncratic storytelling of Louie is back in our lives on FX and the world is all the better for it. Only Louis C.K. could wow us with a storyline involving  the beautiful Yvonne Strahovski as the bombshell model daughter of an astronaut/billionaire. Unexpectedly enjoying herself in the Hamptons with Louie, Strahovski got down to her underwear, bringing poor Louie to his knees:



Oh, it gets better. Dat body…

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Lucky Louie:

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We are so lucky to have Louis C.K. back in our lives…

GIFs via Tumblr and Uproxx