2AM Club + Clinton Sparks, Raz Simone, and What’s Hot This Week

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Kyle Lucas – Don't Fuck With My Money (Bitch I'm Broke) 

Back with a new single off his highly anticipated mixtape, “It's Always Sunny in Marietta 2”, Kyle Lucas has a message: “Don't Fuck With My Money (Bitch I'm Broke!). It's simple in its concept, but it speaks to how little money a lot of some our favorite up and coming musicians actually have. Dope video, and fantastic production – enjoy the latest Kyle Lucas.


Marc Goone – Dennis Rodman ft. Nick Luebke (prod. Zuckswithit)

These two dudes have each individually been featured in this column already, so it seems fitting that now they're in it for the same track. Anyone familiar with Marc Goone knows that his twitter is a work of deranged art. And you've probably heard Nick Luebke's name before – he was the dude with the killer “Call Me Maybe” remix video before the song became the bane of everyone's existence. Anyways, the takeaway here is that this is a killer track, and the video is even better. Check it out:


Raz Simone dropped his debut solo EP this week. Five tracks long, titled “Solomon Samuel Simone”, Raz's EP is a thing of beauty. Every track drips raw emotion and brutal self-awareness, paired with an entrancingly raspy smooth voice will have you listening straight through, possibly multiple times in a row. Enjoy and appreciate

Chester Watson – Shapeshifter

Chester Watson is 16, but he's already got a handle on what he wants to do with his life, and damn it all if he's not good at it. Based out of St. Louis, Chester has a sombre sound, and some killer production. The music video for “Shapeshifter”, off his mixtape “Phantom” is a trippy feature, that is definitely better enjoyed in the right state of mind.

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