A$AP Rocky Dropped Acid And Had Three Orgies With Nine Chicks At SXSW

BET's "106 & Party"

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A$AP Rocky is a pretty chill dude. A few years ago we hung out and talked about shoes and chicks in the RCA Records office in mid-town Manhattan.

“I love artsy women. I love gifts… Like when girls paint for you and shit? Big ass pictures? That’s just sexy as fuck. There’s no way around that. That’s just dope as hell when you receive a painting from a girl. It’s like… man, that’s so dope.  I don’t know, man, that stuff just turns me on like a motherfucker. Girls with like streaks of weird colors in their hair… I’m just into some next shit. I love those types of girls…”


Which is why I’m not surprised to hear a story that went viral over the weekend about the rapper dropping acid at SXSW that Makonnen gave him and then having three orgies with nine chicks will tripping his balls off. Via NY Post:

Why do you think LSD is so in vogue in rap right now? It’s obviously an influence on your new material, and for artists like Chance the Rapper and ILoveMakonnen too.

There’s definitely a psychedelic influence on my new album. Makonnen gave me acid at SXSW. This n—a looked like Buddha with a Jheri curl! After that, I went back to my mansion and f–ked nine chicks. It was pretty rad. That’s a true story.

Did you say nine women? As in, one fewer than 10?

Yeah, but not all at one time. It’s like group sex. You have three at a time, and then you have three orgies. That’s nine chicks.

Legend. You’re living the dream, Rocky.

Rocky’s sophomore album At.Long.Last.A$AP dropped today. Stream it below:


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