When This Battle Rapper Gets Booed Does He A) Leave The Stage Quietly Or B) Try To Shit On Stage?



If you answered A, you’re probably new here. So welcome to BroBible, we post about pooping sometimes.

If you answered B, you’ve probably been on the site a few times. So thanks for your continued patronage.

Pleasantries aside, my entire knowledge of battle rap starts and ends with the movie 8 Mile. I don’t know why this gentleman was booed off stage. Hell, I don’t even know what makes freestyle rapping good, all I know is it makes me uncomfortable when people try to do it in my presence and look directly at me while doing it. I have no appreciation for being put on the spot like that or having to pretend that I’m impressed at how highly skilled you are at saying words fast.

Thankfully, this video — taken from a battle rap event in Phoenix — features no actual rapping, just the outcome of how the rapper responds to the audience thinking he sucks.

After being escorted outside, the police locked the rapper out of the event while he defended his actions by saying it was all a part of the act. “You see, I shit because I am shit. Get it, Bro? It’s all a part of the act.” – Not an actual quote.

[H/T Next Impulse Sports]

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