Calvin Harris Bought A SICK $15 Million Mansion In Beverly Hills



Though we truly have nothing but respect for raw artistic talent, sometimes I like to poke fun of EDM DJs and the EDM industry as a whole. When this little item about Calvin Harris buying a $15 million house in Beverly Hills — just a year after he bought a $7 million dollar spread in the Hollywood Hills — popped on my radar, I wanted to write the follow headline:

Guy Who Presses Buttons For A Living Makes Enough Money To Buy A SICK $15 Million Mansion In Beverly Hills

But then, that’d be disrespectful, right? I genuinely do respect Harris for being one of a the craftiest producers in the business. The man has figured out how to bring the house sound to pop and is basically a forefather in poptronica. There’s a reason why he makes $66 million a year ($110 million between 2013 and 2014) and can afford a 18,000-square foot palace in Lalaland. In addition to the 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, this compound has two guest houses, each with their own private pool and spa. Who needs Vegas, besides for a paycheck? 

Head over to Your EDM for pics… 


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