What’s Hot This Week: Clinton Sparks, AOBeats, Jared Evans, and GoldLink

by 4 years ago

Clinton Sparks is a name that you Bros have probably become more familiar with over the last few months, and it's not surprising, given the bangers he's been putting out. After dropping one of the hits of the summer with Macklemore and 2 Chainz, bass-thumping bro, Clinton, blesses us with the release of “My Awesome Mixtape 4”, an aptly titled party-inducing collection of remixes and original content that are sure to leave you hungover, but in the best way possible.

AOBeats is poised to blow up. His hooks are better than Tyson's, and his beats are fatter than that chick who always ends up cleaning out the buffet right before it's your turn to serve yourself. That is to say, he makes good music. Don't believe me? Peep these two tracks and get some tissues ready. Take that last bit however you will.

Jared Evan's  keeps his sound fresh and keeps the fans always clamoring for more. He's found the perfect blend of blues, rap, and soul, and it's always a treat when he drops a new track. Check out “State I'm In” by Jared Evan off of the upcoming album by Republic Records 'The Basement Chronicles'.

If you look up “disappointment” in the dictionary, you know what you'd find? Not a picture of Logic. The Maryland emcee consistently wows us, and it's no surprise that his talents are now being showcased on Cudi and Big Sean's tour. Check out the latest joint from this quickly rising star. 

GoldLink came out of nowhere, but this is one of those cases where it's truly not about where you're from – it's where you're going, and this dude is going places for sure.

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