deadmau5’s Music Video for ‘Professional Griefers’ Is the Most Expensive EDM Music Video of All Time

by 8 years ago

In his own words, here's 'mau5's discussing his “Professional Griefers” video with My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way via Spin:

“God bless Skrillex,” says Joel Zimmerman. “I love the kid but he puts out a new video, what, every four weeks? I'm like the Dos Equis guy. I don't normally do music videos, but when I do, I go big.” It's a warm night in June and the producer better known as Deadmau5 is hanging out in the bedroom of a deluxe RV. He's wearing a Nyan Cat T-shirt and smoking a cigarette. Outside, 2,000 fans and a genuine Thunderdome nestle beneath the massive concrete support struts of the Sepulveda Dam on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Moments ago, our host was there, shaking hands and signing things. Now he's just let slip that the cost for all of this is “in the seven digit range.” Wow. “Not to be all Kanye on you” — the Canadian producer pronounces it can-yay — “but this is one of the highest-budget electronic music videos of all time.”

“We had a lot of kids show up at 3:00 p.m., and roll call wasn't until 7:00,” says Zimmerman, “so I got up onto my manager's SUV with a megaphone and let them know, 'Listen guys, we're gonna be here till 6 in the morning, so you're getting the Mau5 unadulterated, no bullshit.' It's fun getting to know these kids — they're so awesomely faithful. Some of them came a long way to be a part of this and we're gonna make it worth their while. It's almost better than a concert because a) you don't have to pay, and b) we'll just hang out.” In a behind-the-scenes video, one fan asks if Deadmau5 is going to perform. The return quip: “How much did you pay for your ticket?” A taco truck looms in the distance next to 45 Porta Potties, sporting a message Magritte would appreciate: “Sorry, not a taco truck. Tacos will arrive at 12:00.”

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