Drake Releases Four New Songs, Trailer for New Album

September 17 is more or less the perfect time for Nothing Was the Same to be released; the date provides enough separation from this deluge of early summer hip-hop releases, and Jay-Z's Magna Carta buzz will have been months old at that point. Love him or hate him, Drake has earned the right to give his third effort room to breathe. And, judging by the trademark confliction between the mostly-sung ode to shallow relationships, “The Motion,” and the rawer, mostly rapped collaboration with an on-top-of-his-game J Cole, “Jodeci Freestyle,” Drake has been busy honing his skills, further exploring the contradictions between the sought-after rap lifestyle and the emptiness that sometimes comes with it. Let's just hope he doesn't get too bogged down in the complaints and melancholy again—ahem, Thank Me Later—because, let's face it, it's tough to relate that much to someone whining while getting blown on a private jet.

“Jodeci Freestyle”:

“The Motion”:


“Over Here”:

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