‘Eddie Murphy The Musician’ Is Back And Ready To Fuck Up The Reggae World With His Hot New Track ‘Oh Jah Jah’

by 4 years ago

In college me and my bros pregamed to Eddie Murphy’s ‘Party All The Time’ more than any other track, and it wasn’t even close. Some nights we’d just set it on repeat and start passing the bottles of Jack and Jäger until it was time to leave the house. Eddie Murphy might have been in the top 5 most influential musicians on me in college…which taken at face value is fucking hilarious.

Finally Eddie Murphy has made his triumphant return to music by dropping a reggae track titled ‘Oh Jah Jah.’ He actually released the track prior to his appearance on ‘SNL 40’, so I’m a little confused as to what his motive is here…but I’m not mad about it. Aside from being moderately repetitive, ‘Oh Jah Jah’ is actually pretty good (and this is coming from someone who’s favorite genre of music is reggae).

It’s certainly a better effort than Snoop Lion’s foray into reggae with ‘Lighters Up’

And because I spent this first half of this post laboring on about ‘Party All The Time’ I just have to share it with you so that you bros can set it on repeat for the remainder of the day:

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