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Brobible: It’s pretty evident your from NC, Duke or Carolina?  
Nate Banks:  Wow. Did AG make you ask that question? Haha I’ve been following the site for two years or more and I know he’s a die hard Duke alumni and I also know he’ll probably have the final edit on this so I’ll tread lightly. I’ve known a lot of people who in one way or another have been associated with UNC, so I was basically born rooting for the Heels.  Jordan Robbins who produced the beats for the EP might be the biggest die hard Carolina fan I know, he literally bleeds Carolina blue and was named after Michael Jordan. I do, however, respect the hell out of Duke’s basketball program and Coach K.


There seems to be a big stigma attached to white rappers. What sets you apart?
I feel that there’s not only a stigma attached to white rappers, but hip hop as a whole…at least on a commercial level. To be honest, I think people are inclined to put a label on everything…like if he’s white and raps then he’s a wannabe or if he raps, he should sound like this or look like that, but that’s all bullshit. Music is all about your own perspective and conveying how you view the world. I’m not trying to be anything but myself. I want to make great music that people can relate to. So to answer your question, what sets me apart, I’ll let the music speak for itself.

Why are you so passionate about hip-hop?
I’m passionate about music in general. Yeah, I’m a writer, but first and foremost I’m a fan of Hip Hop. I’ve always be drawn to the honesty of the lyrics in great songs…for example Nas’s “One Mic.” There’s no guessing what the hell someone is talking about, it’s very straight forward and that appeals to me.

How old were you when you started writing/producing music?
I can always remember being drawn to music and writing and probably started around 8 after listening to Run-DMC. But I was 16 when i really started writing and producing. I started with Jordan as a matter a fact.

Who are some of your all time favorite musicians?
In my house growing up there was always music. My Dad listened to classic rock, my mom beach music, R&B and James Taylor, my sister 80’s pop and my brother everything …He gave me my first two albums, Run DMC’s Raising Hell and Gun-n-Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, two bad ass albums. So I have a lot of influences, but Biggie, The Stones and Outkast are my all time favorites.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
Making great music full time and hopefully one day being able to tell my mom she doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow.

Track: Carpe Diem

Track: Mirrors

For more information about Nate Banks, Jordan Robbins, and Forever Now Entertainment check out their website or follow Nate on Facebook.


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