Howard Stern Spending An Entire Hour Remembering Chris Cornell Is Worth Your Attention

It’s been almost a week since Chris Cornell passed away. His family, friends and pretty much the entire music industry, far and wide, have been remembering his life and his legacy in their own way.

On Monday, Howard Stern spent almost an hour discussing Cornell and his life. You could tell that Cornell’s death had a profound impact on Stern. He discussed all the times Cornell came on the show, Cornell’s 2007 comments about Kurt Cobain’s death, and all of the awesome music Cornell created and the covers he’s performed over the years.

If you’re a Stern fan and a Cornell fan, the whole segment is a terrific listen.

Here are Chris Cornell’s 10 most-played songs on U.S. radio on Thursday, May 18, the day his death was announced:

  1. “Black Hole Sun,” Soundgarden, 537 plays
  2. “Fell on Black Days,” Soundgarden, 357
  3. “Spoonman,” Soundgarden, 340
  4. “Hunger Strike,” Temple of the Dog, 314
  5. “Say Hello 2 Heaven,” Temple of the Dog, 302
  6. “Like a Stone,” Audioslave, 301
  7. “Outshined,” Soundgarden, 243
  8. “Burden in My Hand,” Soundgarden, 189
  9. “Rusty Cage,” Soundgarden, 185
  10. “I Am the Highway,” Audioslave, 163

Catch up with all of the news regarding the death of Chris Cornell HERE.

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