Jez Dior, Sam Lachow, and What’s Hot This Week

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Jez Dior released his official album last week, and it's an absolute gem. You could make the argument that it's a rap or hip hop album, but you'd only be able to do so in the loosest sense. Does he rap on it? Of course. But that's where the rap album likeness ends. Dior employs a wide range of untraditional production styles and samples that'll leave you rethinking everything you knew about genres. Even his videos are a testament unto themselves. “Scarlett Sage” is a perfect example of the road being more important than the destination. If you come at this album already knowing what you want to hear, it'll be wasted on you. But give it room to do it's thing and simply listen, and you're in for a hell of a ride.


Heems, formerly of the hip hop group “Das Racist” released an unreal remix to Kevin Lyttle's “Turn Me On” a couple of days ago. It's trancy, smooth, silky, and absolutely beautiful, for lack of a better word. I bet even Lyttle never thought his shit would be made legitimately sexy, but Heems and co. did it. Take a listen and get dirty with yoself.

I've had the immense pleasure of watching rapper D'Mize progress by leaps and bounds in the last few months, and I'm exceptionally proud to see him on today's list. He has what I imagine will be a great mixtape coming out in the next month, but while you're waiting for “Rize”, check out “Shit Don't Bump”. Dude's raw, no doubt, but there's great potential here.


Lorde, a lovely young lady out of New Zealand has been gaining traction both domestically and internationally recently. She's got a voice that liquify stone, and a style that would put Kanye to shame. It would be wrong to keep her talents hidden from you guys any longer. Especially considering that she's also visually talented, if you know what I mean. I mean she's hot, is what I mean. Know what I mean?


Sammy Lachow is one of the fastest growing names in Northwest hip hop, as well as in the blogosphere. He's got his own style, and a type of sound that no one else could recreate. Get hip to this homie doing big things out of Seattle, and bow down to “King Lear”.

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