Kap Slap Drops ‘Back to School Mix,’ and Ragers Everywhere Just Got A LOT Rowdier

by 7 years ago

EDM mashups have emerged as somewhat of a default collegiate pregame option, and for good reason–mixing the familiarity of pop songs with the straight fire of electronic bangers, they provide the perfect “get on my level” type ante-upper while still allowing the girl you're trying to get with to unabashadely declare how much she loooooves this song (but ohmygod, seriously).

Kap Slap has perfected this formula to a tee, as demonstrated by a mix that manages to push the boundaries of his craft while also re-affirming the rage status quo previously established by his killer Spring Break Mix. The hour-long track features 10 new bootlegs, many of which will want to make you drop everything you're doing and start ripping mad shots. Cue the sped up montage, cue the flashing lights, cue the morning after damage control. It's all here. 


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