Le’Veon Bell Dropped A Skip Bayless Diss Track That ‘Slaps Tha Metaphorical Shit Outta @RealSkipBayless’, According To Mia Khalifa

by 2 years ago


Stop everything you’re doing and listen this to. If you hate troll-king Skip Bayless as much as the rest of the world hates Skip Bayless, you’ll be able to get behind Le’Veon Bell’s latest rap anthem under his alias “Juice.” Called “Shrimp Bayless,” the anthem is basically a direct diss track shot at Skip.

Peep the lyrics:

Shrimp Bayless, I’ve been hearing you lately. You love Jerry way too much, you actin’ like y’all related.
I got the Hall of Fame waiting, I’m the best that you’ve hated.
I don’t know why you hating’, I don’t know why you hating’.
Probably because my name mentioned close with some of the greatest.
Then they talk about patience, you’re close to testing my patience.
You say whatever for ratings, I’m not blind I can see it.
You say I’m just an average running back, no way you believe it.
You’re talking down for no reason, talking down for no reason,
Cause you know my numbers crazy when I’m down with the season.
Sometimes, I hate that you’re breathing. Think you’re sick as a germ.
You keep talking all that nonsense, I’m gonna call Richard Sherm.
Undisputed was tempting, but I couldn’t get with it.
You wanna talk for attention, well look, here’s your attention.

Certified banger in my book. And Levon’s flow is sounding better and better. Good shit.

Mia’s a big fan:

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