Lil Wayne Gave Perhaps the Funniest and Most Insane Deposition in Legal History

by 5 years ago

It's no less than a work of art. Wayne evades every question, he repeatedly insults the lawyer, and he even appears to threaten his life at one point. For someone who is a Lil Wayne fan (like me), it's as clear a look into his inspired lunacy as anything else out there.

Some highlights:

  • “Is that an interview that you actually gave with Katie Couric? What's your name again?… Pete Ross? That's a stupid ass question.”
  • “Did you perform at the 2008 Virgin Music Fest with Kanye West?” “I don't know, but I know I DID perform at this badass bitch's birthday party recently. She was crazy, stupid thick!”
  • And then the 2:50-mark, when the video turns surreal. Wayne is offended at a question the attorney asks, so he repeatedly says that the judge can't save him. “You know he [pointing at the judge] can't save you in the real world, right?”

This is well-worth watching all the way through.


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