Madeon Releases New Single ‘Technicolor’ and Proves He’s Smarter Than All of Us

It's no secret that dance music is in a precarious situation. People are already predicting the bursting of the EDM bubble, DJs are becoming far too comfortable making “festival songs” that all sound the same for the sole reason of gaining money and fame.  While the outlook currently seems far beyond bleak, one 19 year old French kid may very well come damn close to saving an entire genre as far as I'm concerned. I highlighted Madeon's incredible live performance in my defense of “EDM”, but his newest single Technicolor might have just blown the doors off the competition.

The song itself is unbelievable but the real gem is the planning that he put into the creation of this project. Stretching back over the course of what must be almost a year, he has left cryptic codes in the scenery of and at the end of all his music videos as well as on the album artworks for his singles.  He has a redesigned website that morphs when you type in “Icarus Fell” (no quotes) when you type in the morse code from his videos and you can check the full story over at FistInTheAir!

[H/T: FistInTheAir]

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