Look At What Losers The Dudes From Mumford & Sons Were Before They Became Famous


Mumford & Sons

If you’ve been on the internet in the past week, you’re probably familiar with the Tinder vs. IRL meme, where users of the dating app shared their gussied up Tinder profile pics next to shots that show the actual trash they are.

Nowhere, I realized yesterday, is that more exemplified than by Mumford & Sons. You know them, those posh, stylish, English gents of folklore? Just look at them up there, with their Merino scarfs and just the perfect amount of pomade in their hair.

Fucking bullshit.

Well, our friends over at the wonderful website Digg unearthed this video from 2009 of Mumford & Sons performing at South by Southwest before they became famous.

What did they look like then? Did you say a bunch of cargo shorts-wearing, Dungeons & Dragons doofuses?

Oh, man are you in for a treat.

Maybe there is hope for all of us.

[Via Digg]

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