Mike Stud Drops ‘It’s Spring Break, Homie!’ Featuring Six New Tracks You Can Flex On Spring Break

Mike Stud - It's Spring Break Homie (Cover Art)

Mike Stud

For hundreds of thousands of Bros, spring break means cuttin’ loose in the sand with your homies and a bunch of fun chicks you just met in Delta Gamma at the University of Wisconsin. You need a soundtrack while crushing those Natty Light frat sodas, so who better to keep things bumpin’ than THE king of frat rap himself, Mike Stud. He just dropped a surprise, awesome Spring Break EP — appropriately titled It’s Spring Break, Homie! — and it features six brand-new jams to throw on while partying your face off.

Listen below. Stay safe out there, kids. And Bro-out like the animals that you are.