Milkman’s Nine-Track Weekend Party Playlist

by 7 years ago

There's a nice blend of mashups, remixes and originals — one track is named after my old college bong, one was recorded while we were wasted at a party at my house, and some i did because i couldn't get a certain pop song out of my god damn head — but regardless of where they came from, they make an excellent additions to crunkness of all shapes and sizes. 

How about a little background on the songs I've chosen and the reasons why I love them so. Tribute to Mrs. Lonely will always hold a special place in my heart because it's about my first true love- my college bong. She was stolen out of my apartment and this is her tribute… RIP Mrs. Lonely.

It wasn't all about recreational drug use in college. I was also a music theory nerd which is to thank for my debut single on my second album, “Circle of Fifths”. I made the song while simultaneously trying to explain the musical theory of a Circle of Fifths to a friend who was in a music theory class. I used two different mashups as an example of relative major/minors that work together. He learned nothing but liked what he heard… So did I and so Circle of Fifths was born.

Few know, and hopefully even fewer can tell, but Breaking Free, my first original song, was made during a day party at my house and the vocalist was drunk when we recorded her… Cheers!

My remix of the newly popular, not so hardcore song, “Call Me Maybe” is a funny story because one of my managers suggested I do a remix of the song, but I of course refused. That weekend I went back to my college town to play a show and ended up hearing that song literally at least 10 times that night. I got back to my studio the next day and couldn't get that stupid vocal line out of my head, so I ended up having to make a remix of it. The end product something I'm proud to say is a nice blend of pop-catchyness with electronic beats and epic drops.

So heres my list and some insight into the making of the songs. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making them. Have a killer weekend.

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