Here’s The New Zac Brown Band Song You’ll Probably Get Drunk To Sometime In The Near Future

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 5.27.47 PM


The other day in my post railing all country music for sounding the same these days, I should have mentioned that Zac Brown Band is one of the rare exceptions to the vanilla crap Nashville churns out these days. Zac Brown Band is like country music’s equivalent of the Dave Matthews Band or Widespread Panic — While other country concert attendees get all uppity and judgmental, you can smoke a bowl and chill the fuck out at a ZBB show. No good-ole-boy assholes in attendance at a ZBB concert. Perhaps that’s why it’s appropriate that the best beard in country music just dropped a new single called “Homegrown”. It has all the characteristics of a high quality drinking/smoking/hanging out song, so I imagine those of you reading this site will throw back a couple shots to it while it plays in the background sometime soon.