Not-So-New Outasight and Great “I Love It” Remix on This Week’s What’s Hot

by 7 years ago

Porter Robinson – “Say My Name (Aylen Trap Bootleg)”

Aylen's back to share another remix with us, in anticipation of his own upcoming EP, which will be completely original. But to tide us over till then, here's a hell of a trap remix of Porter Robinson's “Say My Name”. Find a bad bitch, drop this track, and watch that booty clap.

Armen Paul – “She Loves Me Not”

Armen Paul was one of the artists we told you to watch out for this summer, and his new track is exactly why. At the end of the day, music at its root is about talent and this kid has that in spades. Take a listen to Armen's “She Loves Me Not.”

Outasight – “Change the World”

Outasight blew my mind with his not-so-new track. I knew him for making great party pop with a tad of rap, but then I stumbled upon this… I don't even know what to call it track. It's a year and a half old, but he recently released a paid version on iTunes, which leads me to think there's going to be a strong radio push soon. So put on your lenseless hipster glasses, download this song, and get ready to tell your friends that it's “SO 2011” when they chance upon it. Or just download it and enjoy it because you're not a douchebag. I don't know, I'm not your mother.

2AM Club – “Not Your Boyfriend”

2AM Club released their new lyric video for “Not Your Boyfriend”, and though I'm not usually into that kinda thing, I have to admit I was impressed by it. The lyrics are all handwritten by the members of the band, and the backing photos… Well they're right up my alley. Don't know what I mean? Then give it a look.

Icona Pop – “I Love It”

It seems like electro pop is the sound everyone's into this summer, and with such a range of styles, why shouldn't they be? The fact that No Pets Allowed could take am already heavily engineered track like Icona Pop's “I Love It” and remix it even further to give it his own style, without losing its core, is brilliant. So here, check out NPA's summer-ready remix of “I Love It.”

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