Charlie Brown And The Gang Shredding ‘Stairway To Heaven’ Is A Guaranteed Eargasm

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of the ‘Peanuts’ gang have apparently been all sorts of busy on YouTube, playing classic rock songs from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and a whole lot more. I stumble across these videos over on the A.V. Club and then found myself going town a deep well of nostalgia.

What I love so much about these videos is how they’ve actually managed to incorporate the plot of the comic strip and TV specials into the songs. Someone somewhere spent a fuckload of time on these, because they’re expertly edited. For instance, here’s the gang synced up with ‘Barracuda’ by Heart:

For more of Charlie Brown and the ‘Peanuts’ crew shredding classic rock songs you can head on over to the A.V. Club, or check out Garren Lazar’s YouTube channel here.